SocialWellth’s flexible architecture and scalable HIPAA compliant platform provides healthcare sponsors the ability to deliver a connected experience to their consumers. We commit to a 99.9% uptime availability to ensure a seamless and dependable consumer experience. SocialWellth’s platform integrates and delivers resources such as curated medical and lifestyle apps, lifestyle wearables and devices, health content, incentives, activation currency, and sponsor provided consumer health data.

Our enterprise-wide portfolio of services addresses the critical needs of payers, providers, and employers.

mHealth Oasis

A consumer’s centralized home base for all things digital including apps, pursuits, challenges, and content.

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mWelth Rx

Curated boutiques of mHealth apps enable Providers to prescribe apps and other digital content to patients.

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Wellthy Moves

Challenges program bundled with a lifestyle wearable to drive consumer activation and engagement.

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Wellthy Challenges

Challenges program delivered as a white-­labeled experience for payers and employers.

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