June 13, 2013.  SocialWellth, a Las Vegas, Nevada based eHealth social engagement company introduces mWellth™ – an app certification process for web and mobile balanced living applications.

SocialWellth announced today the launch of mWellth, their Balanced Living App Certification Program at the AHIP Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Focusing on leveraging consumer profile data, localized community resources, emerging media tools and gamification, Socialwellth helps create trusted connections between consumers and their healthcare sponsors.

By 2015, more than 500 million consumers (1) are expected to use health Apps on their mobile device alone.  But with over 40,000 health-related Apps (2) already in the market today, it can be difficult for consumers to know which ones might be right for them. SocialWellth is introducing a new App Certification Program to address this challenge. The goal of the certification program is to help consumers navigate the largely unregulated industry of health and wellbeing Apps.

“mWellth App certification process leverages internal and external subject matter experts along with crowd sourced consumer reviews and is backed by a coalition of industry meta brand affiliates,” said David Vinson, Founder and CEO of SocialWellth. While some App certifications only concentrate on the core areas of privacy, security, and operability, mWellth will also determine if Apps are interesting, engaging, easy to use, and if they will really work.

SocialWellth’s App Certification Team, led by behavioral scientists, information architects and graphic designers, has developed a set of  consumer standards and ten guiding principles that make up its mWellth App Certification Process. While all App certifications concentrate on the core areas of privacy, security, and operability, they are not the only factors that consumers must consider when choosing a health-related App.  mWellth Certification leverages the SocialWellth App Certification Team to identify new App partners, conduct ongoing performance evaluations of adopted App marketplace partners and gain tangible insights about consumers by measuring efficacy of digital interventions which may allow for care team optimization.

By building upon proven industry technology components coupled with innovative architectural designs and agile engineering, SocialWellth platform solutions enables healthcare sponsors to connect and deliver best in breed healthcare and balanced living digital interventions. These emerging solutions will drive new opportunities for healthcare sponsors to engage both current and future members into the next generation of balanced living experiences.

For inquiries, please contact us at pr@socialwellth.com.

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