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Keys To Staying Healthy

Here are some of the cornerstones to staying healthy in life. We only have one life so it’s vital that we really give it love and keep it operating at the best potential. The below all go hand in hand. Without the right attitude, you probably won’t eat well, commit to exercising, etc. If you don’t eat or sleep, you will be stressed and it surely won’t help your attitude much. It’s difficult to get any gains exercising much less even do any work when you’re tired and hungry. They all connect.


Everything in life starts with an attitude. Whether you win or lose can sometimes entirely be attributed to your mindset and approach. It can influence our health and lifestyle choices. While it is extremely important to have a great outlook and mindset, nobody said it was easy! It can actually be very difficult to change your attitude, but it starts with a positive decision to do so and could mean really reevaluating core beliefs. It’s one of the places to start healthy living because making the decision to do so will make everything that follows far easier.


Sleep deprivation is a very serious health concern and studies have shown that as many as 1/3rd of Americans don’t get enough sleep at night. Anxiety, poor-thinking, and reduced physical and mental performance can ensue if you don’t get enough sleep. There are many possible reasons for not being able to sleep well from external factors like noise or an uncomfortable bed and internal ones like mental stress or consumed stimulants (such as caffeine) which keep you from getting enough rest.


It’s almost cliché at this point and everyone knows that a balanced and consistent exercise routine is a key ingredient to health. But knowing it and doing it are two very different things. Humans are made and born to move. All of our cells need physical activity. There are a million different ways to exercise from pilates to yoga, CrossFit to bodybuilding, but the best one is the one that you can actually do. The one that makes enough sense to you that you will go out and do it. Making it fun usually helps. Making sure you are physically able to exercise by consulting your doctor is always a good idea.


Stress comes in different forms or all together. People can feel physical, mental and spiritual stress all at the same time and it’s commonly due to the perception that we don’t have enough resources to handle a problem. Learning to deal with stress is very important so we will get into it in some detail here to help you. You can see that the main components to deal with stress are also some of the cornerstones we already covered above.

Eat Right

What we put into our body absolutely has an effect on our overall health. Eating the right foods in the right volume with the correct amount of water for hydration can make all the difference in how we feel.

Eating enough green vegetables, keeping the sugars in check and avoiding foods high in cholesterol are just some examples of how we can eat right.

You don’t have to be vegan, gluten-free or follow a specific regimen to improve your health. But at least start with an effort to move in the right direction.

You don’t have to be vegan, gluten-free or follow a specific regimen to improve your health. But at least start with an effort to move in the right direction.

Ten Things You Can Do To Reduce Stress

Attitude: You can change the way you view situations in your life or your life as a whole. How do you see things in your life? Your attitude can directly affect outcomes. Control your mood and energy.

Exercise: A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise (increased heart rate) is a great way to reduce stress. Yoga, qigong, tai chi, and various stretching exercises are also very therapeutic.

Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements: Along with nutrition from good food, vitamins and herbs have proven to help support the body and its organs. Doing detoxifications from time to time can be helpful on the kidneys, liver, adrenals, etc. This reduces stress on your physical body and makes you feel better.

Laugh – We’ve all heard the importance of laughter. Every laugh may not add “x” amount of seconds to your life, but laughing has been proven to reduce stress. So take time to hear a good joke, watch a funny movie now and then or hang out with the people in your life who make you smile and laugh.

Massage – No longer just in upscale health clubs or spas, you can get a quality massage in chiropractic offices, hospitals and even airports these days. It relieves built up pressure, relaxes your muscles and has many great health benefits.

Meditation – Whether through a form of yoga or on your own, breathing deep breaths helps in stress relief and relaxation.

Nature – Connecting with nature is not just about the exercise benefit of getting out and stretching the legs. It’s also about gaining balance through fresh air and seeing nature.

Nutrition – Foods high in nutrients which keep the body nourished are better than foods with too many stimulants like caffeine and excessive sugar. Try to stay away from ingredients containing artificial chemicals as they can cause elevated levels of toxicity and inflammatory stress.

Pray – This doesn’t mean you have to belong to a particular religion. A belief in any higher power or whatever you feel is right for you (which could simply be a belief in your self). Take time to positively reinforce this.

Social Support  – Having good people in your life who can give you good advice, be a shoulder for you and help you along the way is invaluable. If you don’t have a family member or close friend, a counselor may be helpful for you.

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